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Integrate With Other Themes

Simpods MVC can be used to extend the functionality of other WordPress themes.


  1. If you are not already using a child theme, create one in the normal way. This will prevent Simpods MVC being deleted by the theme updater.
  2. Download and extract Simpods MVC.
  3. Upload the /mvc/ folder from the Simpods MVC parent theme to your child theme.
  4. Include the following line at the start of the child theme’s functions.php to load the system.

    include_once 'mvc/load-simpods-mvc.php';
  5. Create controllers for any templates that do not already have one.


Currently there is no automatic updater for Simpods MVC installed this way, this is planned in be included in a future release.

To update manually repeat steps 2 and 3 above. If you have changed any of the included files your changes will be overwritten, merge any updates with your changes manually before uploading.