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Cross Admin Ajax

cross_admin_ajax.php is designed to handle Ajax calls for the backend only. Its location is admin/ajax/cross_admin_ajax.php. You can overwrite it in Simpods child theme, or edit it directly if you integrate Simpods with a third party child theme.

No every frontend model is available for frontend Ajax calls, but some most used ones are included:

$files_arr = array(
	'mvc_admin_general'           => '/mvc/admin/models/mvc_admin_general.class.php',
	'mvc_admin_parent_cross_site' => '/mvc/admin/models/mvc_admin_parent_cross_admin.class.php',
	'mvc_admin_cross_admin'       => '/mvc/admin/models/mvc_admin_cross_admin.class.php',
	'mvc_admin_parent_factory'    => '/mvc/admin/models/mvc_admin_parent_factory.class.php',
	'mvc_admin_factory'           => '/mvc/admin/models/mvc_admin_factory.class.php',
	'mvc_library_arrays'          => '/mvc/library/arrays.class.php',

You can access the functions in the mvc_admin_general model through $crossAdmin_cla. For example:

$crossAdmin_cla->simpods_selection_fn( $fields_arr, $attrs_arr );

If you want to use some functionalities provided by other models, you will have to include the classes you want.

Don’t forget to leave new Cross_Admin_Ajax(); at the end of the file.