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Download & Installation

Downloading the Themes

To install Simpods MVC click ‘Download’ in the header, download the ZIP file linked below and extract it. Inside you will see the parent and child themes as zip files. Install both of the themes and activate the child theme.

Downloading the Code

The latest tagged version of Simpods MVC can be downloaded by clicking the Download button in the header. This will download a .zip which contains the Parent theme and Child theme.

Installing on your site

Upload both the Parent theme and the Child theme to your WordPress installation. Next, just activate the Child theme and you are ready to start developing!

Load Simpods MVC into a third party theme

You can install Simpods MVC into a third party theme by uploading the mvc folder from the main Simpods MVC theme into the third party theme root, and add this code into functions.php

Copy to Clipboard

We strongly recommend that you create a child theme for your theme, so it won’t be overwritten by theme updates, plus some add-on Simpods MVC functionalities only work for child themes only.