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Coding Conventions

We try to follow the WordPress Coding Standards as closely as possible. Below are some of the conventions we stick to very closely:

  • Use underscores rather than camel case for all variables and function names

  • Use real tabs to indent, not spaces

  • No shorthand PHP, we try to make our code as easy to read as possible

  • Use useful variable names

Naming Conventions

Alongside these standards, we also append the expected type to variables and functions.

  • _fn is a function
  • _int is an integer

  • _num is a number other than integer

  • _str is a string

  • _url is a URL

  • _arr is an array

  • _obj is an object

  • _bln is a boolean

  • _cla is a class

For example:

  • $google_url = 'www.google.com';

  • $stuff_arr = make_stuff_fn();

  • $is_long_bln = true;

  • $meaning_of_life_int = 42;

We also aim to give all of our files useful names. For example:

  • Templates for pages are prepended with template-

  • Singles are prepended with single-

  • Classes are appended with .class