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User Code

This is where you can create, store and monitor all user codes such as how many users have used the code and how many times it has been used. This allows you to make useful decisions such as remind you to generate new codes if current codes have reached their usage limit or have expired.

See below for a detailed explanation on each field option:

Generating a Code

  • How many codes?: Specify the number of codes that you wish to generate.

  • How many users?: Specify how many uses each code can have. For example, if a code has 12 uses then it means that it can be used by 12 users before it expires.

  • Number of characters: Specify the character length of the code/s. It is recommended to have at least 8 characters to make sure codes are strong.

  • Expiry date: This is optional if you wish to set a specific expiry date for when the code/s will no longer be active.

  • Note: Add a brief note about what this user code is for

  • Active: If a code is not marked as active, it will not work. This can be useful to deactivate a group of users

Once completed, click on the Generate Code button and you will see the codes listed in a table. The codes can then be sent out to approved users so that they can use it to register onto the system or access a certain part of the system which requires authorisation.

User Code - Generate

Figure 1. Generate Code form

Viewing & Editing User Codes

Clicking on one of the user codes in the table (Figure 2), a popup box will appear (Figure 3) containing a filled in form. From here, you can alter the settings of the user code and click Edit Entry to save the changes.

Figure 2. User Code List

Figure 3. User Code Edit Box