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Parent and Child Theme

Simpods MVC is set up as a parent & child theme. We’ve set up a blank child theme with some sample files for you to edit so that you can get started straight away without any hassle. You can download the blank child theme here.

Why use a child theme?

Child themes allow you to add your code (or overwrite some of ours) without the worry that your code might go missing when we update Simpods MVC. Since Simpods MVC uses a particular file structure, we’ve created a blank theme so you don’t have to, you can find that here.

Where do I add my code?

We will be updating Simpods MVC over time with extra functionality and options (as well as fixing any bugs that get through!), so your code is best suited going into the child theme we supply. As previously mentioned, Simpods MVC uses a particular layout with folders for certain areas (admin folder for admin content, controllers for controllers etc.). We’ve kept these folders named appropriately, but to help you along, we’ve documented the folder structure as well which can be found here.

Simpods MVC Structure

Figure 1